Dem’s New ‘Socialist Darling’ FLIPS OUT When This Damaging Pic From Her Past Leaks Online

Democrats new socialist darling had a meltdown on Twitter when a conservative radio show host posted a picture of her family home growing up.

Why did she get so angry?

Well, for starters, it shatters her “Bronx/blue collar” image, since the self-proclaimed socialist hails from the richest county in America, and NOT the Bronx.

She moved out of the Bronx when she was 5-years-old.

So, why is she saying that?


As with everything “liberal,” it’s all a lie to garner votes.

The “girl from the Bronx,” as she likes to call herself, is actually a well-to-do spoiled rich kid, who attended Boston University.

Her response to the tweet, focused on the fact that the radio host misquoted the university she attended.


And then she tried to play the victim card – another standard “go to” move from liberals.

I am sure as more comes out on the 28-year-old socialist, more of her phony story will crumble.


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