Democrat Pulls Out ALL THE STOPS, Claims Trump is ‘RUINING’ Obama’s Economy

This level of desperation is becoming hard to watch.

Democrats are now claiming that President Trump is taking Obama’s amazing and strong economy and “ruining” it.

No, we’re not kidding. You can’t even begin to make this kind of silliness up, folks.

From Sean Hannity

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy doubled-down on his party’s non-stop denial surrounding America’s robust economy over the weekend; bizarrely claiming that President Trump was taking Obama’s “strong economy” and “making it worse.”

Murphy slammed the President’s economic policies on social media, saying “job growth” has been slower under Donald Trump than his predecessor; writing “Your weekend reminder that Trump inherited a strong economy from Obama and made it worse. Facts are facts. Job growth has been slower than during last 18 month of Obama. Wage growth is much lower.”


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