Dem Rips Out Earpiece, Storms Off Set When Confronted With Facts

As we all know, democrats do not do well when confronted by “facts.”

Things got rather heated on Fox News, when host Melissa Francis went head-to-head with a former Clinton aide who did not appreciate dealing with facts.

The angry liberal stormed off the set, declaring he was done, and was never coming back!

From Bizpacreview.com

Tempers flared on the set of Fox News’ “Happening Now” on Wednesday when host Melissa Francis took on a former aide to President Bill Clinton’s campaign.

The fight started immediately when Francis asked Simon Rosenberg “what is one thing that you think you can change about this (tax) bill that would make it more palatable to Democrats?”

“I don’t think that’s the issue Melissa,” he said before Francis scolded him and said “we’re not going to do talking points.”

But he continued to attempt to sell his talking points about giving tax cuts to the rich.

Francis again attempted to get a straight answer from Rosenberg, asking “Is that the estate tax?”

“May I finish?” he shouted before Francis again accused him of “doing talking points.”

“It’s insulting when you say that as if I don’t actually understand what I’m saying and can do my own analysis of the economy,” he complained, while still not answering her questions.”

Francis continued to destroy Rosenberg, calling what he said a “speech” and asking her other guest, David Avella, what could be changed to get more Democrats on board “not Simon who’s not willing to come to the table at all, but real Democrats to the table?”

“Real Democrats?” Rosenberg said under his breath. “I’m not a real Democrat?”

After Avella responded, Francis again asked Rosenberg to answer her question.

“I’m not answering the question!” Simon shouted.

“I know you are not answering the question, that’s the problem,” she said before Rosenberg started saying the same talking points he was talking about at the beginning of the interview.

The two continued to brutally spar with each other until the end of the interview when Francis extended an olive branch but, like a child having a tantrum, Rosenberg was not interested.

“You know Simon you and I are going to have to get a drink sometime. We can’t show up and fight like this all the time,” she said.

“Melissa don’t worry I’m never coming back on this show ever again so it doesn’t matter,” he said, which drew laughter from Francis and Avella.

Social media loved the way Francis owned him.


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