Dem Candidate BUSTED Using FAKE SOUTHERN ACCENT in Campaign Video

We all know Hillary Clinton is famous for changing her accent to pander to the crowd at hand. Now the top Democrat candidate for a house seat has been caught taking a page from her playbook.

Here is a reminder of the “Hillary strategy.”

And here is Democrat candidate Roger Hufstetler caught red handed.

Watch the video:

From FreeBeacon

The leading Democratic candidate for a Virginia House seat the party is targeting in 2018 moved to the state just a year-and-a-half ago, but you’d never know it from watching his campaign’s first ad.

Roger Dean Huffstetler, who is both outraising and outspending his Democratic opponents in Virginia’s largely rural fifth district, announced his campaign less than a year after he moved in the summer of 2016 to Charlottesville, a blue city located near the center of a rural red district. His first ad—which, based on a nearly $50,000 expenditure, appears to have been created by a major D.C. advertising firm that made ads for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns—attempts to erase any outsider image he may have.

The ad, “Best I Can,” opens with Huffstetler driving an old white Ford truck through a Virginia farm and then sitting atop a bale of hay to speak of his rural upbringing. The way he speaks, however, caught the ear of one Virginia voter.

“I’ve seen him speak publicly,” said Richard Foxx, a farm owner from inside the district. “The R.D. Huffstetler I’ve heard over the last year and a half doesn’t quite sound like our current governor Ralph Northam, but in the ad he sounds a lot like our current governor Ralph Northam.”

A comparison of the way Huffstetler speaks in the ad to the way he spoke during a 2013 tech conference presentation—Huffstetler lived in California from 2010 to 2015 and founded a tech company called Zillabyte—reveals the addition of a strong southern drawl in the ad.


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