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DC Liberals Put Up Statue For Disgraced Crack-Smoking Mayor

Once again, Tucker Carlson stands as the voice of sanity and reason against liberal foolishness, and the Fox News host recently delivered a knock-out blow to left’s war on American statues.

For months, liberals have been on a quest to rid America of statues and monuments they deem to be “racist” or “offensive,” including Confederate soldiers, Founding Fathers, and other historical figures.

Now, Tucker is calling the left out, after a controversial memorial statue to the now-deceased Mayor Marion Barry was erected in D.C.

Barry, who was caught on video smoking crack cocaine in 1990, while he was still in office, was just as controversial of a figure as any of the others, said Tucker, who pointed out several of the former D.C. Mayor’s comments that were extremely inflammatory.

When re-elected in 1994, Barry famously said “white people [should] get over it,” and also made disparaging remarks about Asian immigrants, having said,”…we got to do something about these Asians coming in. These dirty shops: they’ve got to go.”

Interestingly enough, despite the litany of racial and homophobic comments and slurs made by Mayor Marion Barry, including his videotaped crack binge, liberals aren’t denouncing him as a racist.

Instead, they built him a statue, yet again proving that the left is nothing but a bunch of hypocrites!

Watch the video: