CRINGE: Look How Jane Fonda Praised Anti-American Colin Kaepernick

If anyone thinks that liberals just recently lost all their sense of morality and decency, you’d be wrong, and Jane Fonda is the perfect proof of that.

Fonda has a long history of traitorous, anti-American remarks and behavior, including her time spent galavanting with the North Vietnamese Communist Army during the Vietnam war.

After being largely shamed for her treacherous, disgusting behavior during the war, Fonda dropped off the map, only to re emerge with the election of President Trump.

Now, Fonda is back, and she’s bringing her far-left, radical views with her, now that she’s found a new audience of young, brainwashed, malleable “snowflakes” to listen to her ramblings.

At a recent ACLU gala, the divisive Colin Kaepernick appeared as a speaker, and was praised by Fonda, who told him to “keep kneeling until you can stand up.”

This is unsurprising, considering both Kaepernick and Fonda have made their “names” by disrespecting our veterans, our flag, and our country.


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