CRINGE: Jimmy Kimmel is Planning This LAME Stunt for Trump’s SOTU

Just when you thought Jimmy Kimmel was finished with his pathetic stunts against Trump…

The desperate “comedian” just announced that he will be interviewing porn star Stormy Daniels after Trump’s State of the Union in a lame attempt to “stick it” to the president.

Nice try Jimmy, but this supposed “affair” has already been debunked:

After claiming that President Trump had a former relationship with a porn star, the Wall Street Journal is coming under fire from Trump lawyers and the actress herself, who issued a statement debunking the fake news.

The actress, who performed under the name “Stormy Daniels,” said in a letter that “these stories are not true,” and also added that when she did meet Trump, he was “gracious, professional and a complete gentleman to me and EVERYONE in my presence.”


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