Crazed MSNBC Host Insists N. Korea Summit is Just a ‘Distraction’ From Russia

Do liberals realize how incredibly stupid they sound when they continue bringing up this stale, debunked “Russia collusion” garbage?

After well over a year of intense investigation, not one shred of evidence has been uncovered that shows President Trump colluded with the Russians to “steal” the election from Hillary Clinton.

Despite that FACT, these insane liberals who appear on MSNBC and CNN continue pushing the “Russia story” like it’s the hottest “breaking news” ever.

What’s even more stupid, is these fake news cable networks are pushing the narrative that everything President Trump does is to “distract” from Russia.

Regardless, MSNBC and the New York Times are now pushing the theory that the North Korea Peace Summit, which will denuclearize an entire region and make the WORLD a safer place is just a distraction from Mueller’s Russia investigation.

From Daily Caller

Mara Gay, an editorial board member for The New York Times, suggested Monday on MSNBC that the meeting between North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and President Trump exists to distract from the Russia investigation.

“This is not just a meeting about foreign policy, this is about Donald Trump’s political survival. He has said to friends that he plans on taking a win in North Korea to the voters. That’s their midterm message; that’s all they’ve got,” MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace said.

“That’s right,” said Gay. “I mean that’s what’s actually so terrifying in part.”

Gay added that “thinking about this realistically, we know enough about President Trump to know that he’s not going to come home and say that he failed. He’s going to call this a win no matter what.”

Wallace and her guests bantered until Gay later added, “You look at the polls, it’s really interesting because the more that we’re talking about North Korea, you know the less we’re talking about Russia, right? The less we’re talking about issues at home, and I think you see, you know that’s true for Kim I’m sure as well.”


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