Colbert Gets Relentlessly Mocked for His Stance on Gun Control 

Stephen Colbert failed in his attempt to push for more gun control, and was relentlessly mocked as a result.

Americans are proving to be fed up with seeing liberal celebrities politicize tragedies to promote their left-wing agenda, and their narratives are no longer working.

From Washington Times

In a monologue lamenting the lack of political action in response to mass shootings, late-night host Stephen Colbert unwittingly made the case for more expansive gun ownership.

On “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Monday night, the comedian compared inaction after the Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, Texas, shootings to a prehistoric human tribe doing nothing in response to persistent tiger attacks.

“Doing nothing, as I’ve said before, is unacceptable,” Mr. Colbert said. “But it’s ― it’s unnatural. It’s inhuman. It just goes against our nature. We want to fix things. You want to respond to something terrible like this.

“Not just now, but at any time in human history,” he continued. “Five thousand years ago, if your village had a tiger coming into it every day and was eating people, you wouldn’t do nothing. You would move the village, you would build a fence or you would kill the tiger. You wouldn’t say, ‘Well, I guess, you know, someone’s going to get eaten every day, because the price of liberty is tigers.’ You’d take some action.”

Users on social media suggested a few ways to thwart tiger attacks:


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