CNN’s Jim Acosta Just Threw a HISSY FIT Over Trump Not Holding a Presser

President Trump went untraditional this year and decided to not do an end of year press conference due to him already addressing the fake news media after his successful tax bill passage.

But this means that CNN’s resident drama queen Jim Acosta did not have his moment to “shine” and he’s throwing an absolute fit over it.

He did, however, still draw up a list of ridiculous questions he believes Trump is avoiding.

Well, to answer those questions, Jim:

  1. Cutting off aid to the UN has been long past due
  2. He’s not taking a flippin’ presidential salary and most importantly it benefits the middle-class.
  3. Moore lost, the allegations are 40 years-old and not proven. Move on.
  4. For the 1,000th time…Trump has said he’s not thinking of firing Mueller. Again, move on.
  5. That’s up to Congress.
  6. He’s abolished the individual mandate, thus ending the abomination knows as Obamacare.

Of course, he still wasn’t done…

H/T Twitchy


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