CNN Compares ICE Agents to Nazis, Sparks Massive Backlash!

On Thursday, mainstream media network CNN released a story which compared American ICE agents to Nazis during the Holocaust.

The article, which covers a Jewish woman who is hiding a Catholic family of illegal aliens in the United States, likens U.S. immigration officers to Nazi Gestapo agents, and is now receiving backlash after offending readers.

Offended readers and viewers took to social media, where they had some harsh words for CNN, including “despicable” and “disgraceful.”

Many people pointed out that the comparison between illegal aliens, who are willfully violating lawful immigration policy, and Holocaust victims, who were murdered by their own government, is fundamentally wrong.

Despite the outrage and backlash from its readers, CNN has, as of yet, issued no statement, and the article remains published.


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