Classless Liberals Attack Melania Over White House Christmas Decorations

As Christmas time draws near, the First Family is getting in the spirit, and the White House has undergone an epic transformation into a winter wonderland, courtesy of First Lady Melania.

The First Lady has done an amazing job, and the White House is open for Americans to come admire the beautiful decorations, including trees, lights, and ornaments.

Upon seeing First Lady Melania, one young boy excitedly ran to her for a hug, while another said, “she seriously looks like an angel.”

However, as administration staff used social media to show pictures of the White House Christmas decorations, one innocent picture in particular drew the wrath of the hateful left.

As always, liberals were unable to show any decency, even at Christmas time, and a slew of hateful and mean comments poured forth from the left.

One comment in particular, made by a man named Denizcan James, whose profile claims he’s a Black Lives Matter supporter, stood out for being especially low-class.

Other “verified nobodies” on Twitter, desperate for attention, joined in, and proved that liberals are devoid of decency, integrity, or class.

They also proved an old adage that “The left can’t meme,” referring to the pathetic, cringe worthy memes made and distributed over social by liberals, especially during the 2016 election.

As the left continues to sink further into the depths of despair, liberals everywhere can thank their own petty, hateful behavior for their inability to win elections, or simply to connect with the American people.


  1. Stacie Markham
  2. cjr