CLAIM: There’s a Tape That Could Vindicate Roy Moore

Alex Jones of Infowars  tweeted that there’s a rumor running wild on social media that there is a tape that could vindicate Senatorial candidate Roy Moore, who was suddenly slapped with a 40-year-old accusation of “sexual assault.”

Jones claims the tape is of a reporter offering money to a woman in exchange for her claiming that Roy Moore attempted to assault her.

From Infowars

While the claim has yet to be verified, what we do know so far is that prior to accusing Moore of sexual misconduct, the Washington Post endorsed his opponent, Doug Jones, on Oct. 23.

Additionally, Moore’s accusers, all of whom allege the incidents occurred decades ago, don’t seem to have known each other very well previously, yet all the sudden they appeared in the public spotlight at the same time to make their accusations only weeks before an election with national implications.

This is noteworthy because, in contrast, the allegations made against Harvey Weinstein began with ONE accuser whose story encouraged other alleged victims to start speaking out – and many of the accusations were far more recent.  Plus the fact that Weinstein was caught on tape, and some of his accusers weren’t victims but rather just witnesses of his questionable behavior.

Additionally, Moore spent years on the Supreme Court of Alabama, so why didn’t the accusations come sooner if they’re true? That would have been a disservice to the people of Alabama if valid accusations were kept in the dark.

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