City of Palm Springs is Removing RACIST TREES (We’re Not Joking)

California can’t be taken seriously anymore.

The City of Palm Springs is taking craziness to new and extreme levels, by declaring they will be removing “racist trees.”

The trees separate a black neighborhood from a golf course and because of that, they need to go.

From Breitbart

The city of Palm Springs, California, announced that it would remove a row of trees blocking a black neighborhood from viewing a municipal golf course.

Palm Springs Mayor Robert Moon and other city officials told residents Sunday they would be removing the line of trees and a chain link fence separating the properties after residents said the trees kept property values in the predominantly black neighborhood down, the Desert Sun reports.

Residents in the area say the trees were planted there in the 1960s as a form of racism — because the invasive tamarisk trees blocked views of the golf course and the San Jacinto mountains, keeping property values low so black families could not make money on their property.

City manager David Ready warned that the tree removal would not happen right away because the full city council would have to vote on the issue. He added that the trees would be down in three months.

The city estimates that the tree removal would cost $169,000.


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