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Chivalrous Army Officer Gives Up His Jacket to a Freezing Sarah Huckabee

During President Trump’s recent visit to South Korea, a surprise visit to the border between North and South Korea, known as the DMZ, had to be cancelled due to poor weather conditions.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee gathered the White House press pool, but unfortunately, the heavy fog and freezing weather forced the trip to be called off, which Huckabee said left the president feeling “pretty disappointed.”

As Huckabee informed the reporters about the cancellation of the trip, she stole the spotlight in a borrowed Army jacket, which was lent to her by helicopter pilot, Chief Warrant Officer 2 Bobby Zizelman.

Zizelman, whose job was to test the helicopters the team would be riding on to the DMZ, noticed that Huckabee didn’t have a jacket, and offered her his.

“It was really cold and I didn’t have a jacket with me, so he loaned me his. He was incredibly nice to do it,” said Press Secretary Huckabee.

Huckabee reiterated, “One of our brave soldiers was nice enough to loan me his flight jacket, because I was freezing.”

Although the trip to the DMZ didn’t go as planned, President Trump’s visit to Asia has been a huge success, and the president’s strong performance abroad has the world taking notice.