‘Chainsaw Nun’ Gets Honored by Miami Heat after Helping During Hurricane Irma

During the two hurricanes that recently slammed in to the United States, causing devastating damage to both Texas and Florida, several unlikely heroes stepped up to help in any way they could.

Many people dropped everything and put their lives at risk, using their own personal boats and vehicles to come to the rescue of those in danger of the rising flood waters, while others helped with the clean up, or other relief efforts.

One nun in Florida traded her hymn book for a chainsaw, and helped clear debris away after Hurricane Irma left the area littered with downed trees.

Sister Margaret Ann, who is the principal at Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School in Florida, was given a surprise honor at a recent pep rally, when Miami Heat star Shane Battier showed up with tickets to future Heat games.

Battier also donated $5,000 to a charity of Sister Margaret’s choice, and saying what she did was “awesome.”

Watch the video:

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