Chaffetz Calls for “Worthless” Sessions to Step Down

Following the release of damning new evidence, coming in the form of the recent 4-page House memo which detailed FISA abuse from the FBI and DOJ under the Obama administration, Republicans are demanding action.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, however, has seemed lax on the subject, and now, calls for his resignation, coming from the GOP, are getting louder.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz appeared on Fox News, where he called for Sessions to step down, saying, “He should resign or step down or the president should fire him,” and added, “He’s a worthless attorney general.”

A.G. Sessions recused himself from the now-infamous Russia probe last March, leading to the witch-hunt lead by Robert Muller, prompting Chaffetz to say, “Let’s get rid of him. Have a real attorney general.”



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