California Woman Refuses to Sell Her Home to Trump Supporters

A California woman placed her house on the market, but she had one very serious “rule.”

The Sacramento woman told her realtor, she did not want to sell her house to any Trump supporters.

From IJR

A homeowner in Sacramento, California, informed her realtor that she does not want to sell her home to a supporter of President Donald Trump.

According to CBS Sacramento, a homeowner, who has chosen to remain anonymous, put the home that’s been in her family for decades up for sale.

However, when she discussed the sale with her realtor, who entertained “people from all walks of life,” she issued a disclaimer.

“I told her [the realtor] that I didn’t want her to sell it to a Trump supporter,” the homeowner told CBS Sacramento.

Her realtor, Elizabeth Weintraub, explained to CBS Sacramento that although she can ask potential buyers how they voted, a person doesn’t have to disclose the information.

She added that her client’s request was the first time she’s received a “no Trump supporter” disclaimer.

Certified appraiser Ryan Lundquist noted to CBS Sacramento that 39 percent of the Sacramento region voted for Trump, so the buyer could be limiting her pool.

However, the homeowner said that her “principals, morals, and ethics,” are more important than money.

The Fair Housing Act doesn’t list political party affiliation as a protected class against discrimination, but attorney Allen Sawyer said it infringes on First Amendment rights and freedom of association.

“People have a right to believe what they want to believe and they shouldn’t be restricted from purchasing property based on that,” he explained to CBS Sacramento.


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