BUSTED! Kamala Harris Caught Using Taxpayer Dollars for Her Lavish Travels

Well, well, well, turns out 2020 hopeful, and Kavanaugh hearing FLOP, Kamala Harris has been mooching off the taxpayers, big time.

A new report reveals that Harris has been using the taxpayers of California to fund her travel expenses, even while she was outside the city of Los Angeles, which is the location she represents as a senator.

Daily Caller

Los Angeles taxpayers had been paying for Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris of California’s travel expenses, even while she was outside the city of Los Angeles.

A report first obtained by NBC News details hotels, rental cars, airline tickets, meals and security for more than twelve trips totaling over $28,000. Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) had also provided the senator security with armed officers in plain-clothes accompanying her throughout the state of California.

LAPD frequently grants security to officials who visit Los Angeles, however, the LAPD protection that Harris received while outside of it’s jurisdiction was unusual, reported NBC Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti denied any knowledge of the extraordinary expenses, claiming that he ended the program as soon as he learned of the situation.

“It was not until Chief Moore [of the LAPD] was sworn in, conducted a new assessment of the threat, determined that this arrangement was no longer needed, and informed Mayor Garcetti, that the mayor became aware of the state-wide detail,” said Alex Comisar, a spokesman for the Mayor’s office.

Garcetti blamed former LAPD Chief Charlie Beck for Harris’ exorbitant expenses, saying that it was solely his responsibility.

“Since she became a protectee more than a decade ago, Senator Harris has always deferred to public safety experts on procedures, protocols and determinations,” Harris’ office told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Our office did not request or question LAPD’s decision to provide protection and we are grateful for the ongoing work of officers in Los Angeles and across the state who risk their lives to keep all Californians safe.”

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