BREAKING: You Won’t Believe Who is Challenging Putin for Russia’s Presidency

A woman known as “Russia’s Paris Hilton” will be challenging Vladimir Putin for Russia’s presidency.

From Independent

“The decision is made,” reads the text Ksenia Sobchak is due to deliver on Russian TV. “Enough silence, I’ve thought about it for months … I intend to be the candidate for those who want to vote against everyone.”

The declaration of intent ends weeks of speculation as to whether the journalist, socialite, famous daughter and yet-more-famous-goddaughter would run in presidential elections next March. The talk that Ms Sobchak was considering a presidential bid – against the public advice of fellow liberal opposition politician Alexei Navalny – had electrified Russia’s somnambulant political circles. The news that she will run will be seen as a blow to Mr Navalny’s hopes, and a split in the opposition now seems likely.

For Ms Sobchak, 35, the announcement completed a remarkable circle; the reinvention of “Russia’s Paris Hilton” as its Chelsea Clinton.

For much of her professional life, the daughter of St Petersburg’s first post-Soviet mayor had been synonymous with sex and celebrity. She hosted the local, raunchier version of reality show Big Brother, and entertained tabloids with a string of scandalous relationships. In public, she was brash and haughty. “If I’m honest,” she once lectured a radio host, “your problem is that you’ve got an inferiority complex – you know you’re not quite a star.”

With an army of fans and multi-million earnings, Ms Sobchak clearly believed she was in a place to judge.


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