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BREAKING VIDEO: Trump Meets Philippine President Duterte

As President Trump wraps up the final days of his 13-day trip to Asia, which was a massive success, his final stop was a meeting with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

After making amazing progress towards mending U.S. relations with our Asian allies, including Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and China, the president is looking to improve the relationship between America and the Philippines, too.

President Duterte, who has become famous for his strong anti-drug stance and harsh rhetoric, met President Trump for the first time on Saturday, in Vietnam, at the APEC summit.

Duterte’s spokesman, Harry Roque, said the meeting was “short, but was cordial and warm,” and stated that “the leaders were generally pleased to finally meet each other in person.”

The two presidents both have a knack for speaking their mind, and are determined to help their people, and the friendship between our two countries is poised to be stronger than ever before.

Thankfully, after 8 excruciating years of Obama’s dismal foreign relations, having a leader like President Trump, who commands respect and puts America and our allies first, is making all the difference.

With the president continuing to prove that he’s more than capable of operating on the international stage, the world is taking notice, and it won’t be long before the anti-Trump fake news media is forced to acknowledge Trump’s successes, too.