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BREAKING: Trump Working to STOP Planned Parenthood Abortions Once and For All!

Planned Parenthood has become the rallying cry of every liberal in the country, and is an organization that is no stranger to controversy.

The left-wing abortion mill has found itself at the center of some disturbing and scandalous accusations recently, and may be heading for serious legal trouble.

Now, the FBI and the Senate Judiciary Committee, headed by Senator Chuck Grassley, are looking into whether Planned Parenthood violated laws by selling human fetal tissue.

Extremely disturbing information has come to light, which has implicated the abortion giant in the sale of human tissue, harvested from aborted babies, to medical research institutions and other parties.

After an initial investigation, Senator Grassley and the Senate Judiciary Committee recommended that the FBI also look into Planned Parenthood, and now the federal law enforcement agency is asking to see more information.

President Trump has been vocal about his dislike for Planned Parenthood, and is proposing to only fund their other services if the abortions STOP once and for all.

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