BREAKING: Trump Just Called Out the ‘Disrespecting’ NFL Again!

When the NFL decided to condone the bad behavior and horrible examples being set by the diva-esque players who are disrespecting America, they probably didn’t imagine the backlash would be so severe.

In fact, it got so out of hand, and has divided the country so badly, that even President Trump weighed in, and his comments infuriated liberals, the mainstream media, and the NFL.

After calling out the NFL for promoting the anti-American protesting, President Trump has continued to double down, describing in detail his disappointment with the league.

The president is sticking to his guns, and today, took to Twitter to continue calling out the NFL and the hateful protesters who are ruining football and driving a wedge between Americans.

“You CANNOT have people disrespecting our National Anthem, our flag, and our country. NFL has to change,” said President Trump, who then added, “NFL must change or their business is going to hell!”

Trump is right, the NFL has seen unprecedented losses in profits, as Americans feel increasingly alienated by the league and players’ anti-American sentiment and disrespect for the country and our veterans and police.

Now, former NFL fans are burning their season tickets, are no longer buying merchandise, and aren’t watching or attending games, which will continue until the league stops encouraging its players to engage in divisive political statements.


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