BREAKING: Trump-Hating Lunatic Who Penned Violent Manifesto Sentenced!

Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election triggered many liberals, and for the past year, we’ve heard them make violent and insane threats.

33-year-old Joseph Jakubowski, however, took things farther than the average unhinged liberal, and for his troubles, earned a harsh prison sentence.

Jakubowski, who penned a rambling manifesto against President Trump and the United States government, stole a massive cache of firearms, ammunition, and silencers, and on the same day, mailed his letter, then torched his own car and “disappeared” for ten days, setting off a manhunt.

These actions are bad enough, but when taken into consideration that they all occurred on the same day, it paints a far more disturbing picture: one of a man who was possibly attempting to assassinate the President of the United States.

Among those threatened in Jakubowski’s manifesto were several Republican lawmakers, including Paul Ryan, who was given extra security until the lunatic was captured.

“We the people should be out for these sick minded people belonging to the system! We need to spill their blood,” raved the unhinged man, who was thwarted before he could hurt anyone.

Thankfully, a judge put an end to Jakubowski’s reign of terror, and sentenced him to 14 years in prison, to which Jakubowski replied, “I don’t care about your damned laws. F*** the laws, f*** the rules, and f*** you, too.”


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