BREAKING: Trump Destroys ‘Tainted’ FBI in EPIC Tweet Storm!

With new revelations coming to light, proving that an FBI agent’s role in Robert Mueller’s witch-hunt of an investigation had strong ties to the Hillary Clinton campaign, as well as sent anti-Trump texts, the country is furious.

Yet again, the disgraced and pathetic FBI has proven to be but a mere shell of its former self, having lost all integrity during the Obama administration.

In a series of tweets, President Trump slammed the FBI, speaking for the rest of the country, who is ashamed and disgusted in the once-great Federal Bureau of Investigation.

President Trump made mention of the disgraced James Comey, the former Director of the FBI, who turned the FBI into little more than the “goon squad” of the Clinton family, but stated, “fear not, we will bring it back to greatness.”

“Now it all starts to make sense,” said the president, clearly alluding to the relentless witch hunt of an investigation that has dragged on, wasting time and taxpayer money.

As the anti-Trump forces of the globalist elites continue their pathetic attempt to destroy our “America First” president, their failures continue to prove that, yet again, they have nothing on President Trump.


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