BREAKING: Traitor Jeff Flake Just BRAGGED About Donating to Doug Jones

The Establishment GOP traitor and anti-Trump shill, Jeff Flake, has drawn the ire of Americans everywhere yet again, with a new and inflammatory tweet.

The disgraceful “Republican” Senator tweeted a photo of a donation he made to Democratic candidate Doug Jones, the opponent of Judge Roy Moore, merely due to the fact that Moore is favored by the Trump administration.

“Country over party,” said Flake’s odious tweet, but real conservatives know that the RINO Senator is anything but a Republican, and has more in common with the Democrats.

After numerous examples of making disparaging comments about President Trump, as well as undermining him at ever given chance, Senator Jeff Flake has become one of the most loathed names in the Republican Party.

It’s quite obvious why Flake is now a lame duck and will not be running again. Polls indicated he is so unpopular he would have  had virtually no chance of victory.


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