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BREAKING: Secret Service DEBUNKS April Ryan’s Fake News Story About Omarosa

CNN’s April Ryan somehow purported to know more about Omarosa’s departure from the White House than Omarosa herself or actual Trump Team insiders and has been on a media frenzy spreading her “tale.”

Now, it turns out Secret Service has debunked April Ryan’s story as nothing more than more Fake News from CNN.

What else would you expect from the #PieGate Conspiracy Theorist working at #FakeNews CNN?

From FoxNews

Omarosa spoke out for the first time Thursday on the widespread reports of drama surrounding her abrupt resignation from the Trump administration, challenging the depiction of an “Apprentice”-style confrontation that ended with her physical removal from White House grounds.

The reality TV star turned presidential aide, whose full name is Omarosa Manigault Newman, called some of the reporting on her exit “100 percent false.”

The accounts are widespread, covering claims that she was actually fired by Chief of Staff John Kelly, that she cursed when informed of this and that she wanted to speak to President Trump about it.

“I like to hear all of these interesting tales,” Manigault Newman said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “I have to tell you, they are 100 percent false.”

She claimed she was not fired and blamed the “tale” of a dramatic exit on a single reporter. While she did not specifically name the reporter, it seemed clear she was referring to American Urban Radio Networks correspondent April Ryan. Ryan tweeted Wednesday that Manigault Newman “tried to break into the residence” and “tripped the alarms.”

“Not only is it ridiculous, but it is also absurd,” she said. “I wouldn’t want anyone, nonetheless myself, to be able to run around and cause disruption. The White House is the most secure place in the world.”

Manigault Newman described the reporter as someone with a “personal vendetta against me,” and called her reporting “completely false” and “unverified.”

But The Wall Street Journal also reported that her departure was abrupt, and described the exit as confrontational, saying she was “physically dragged” from the White House grounds.

The U.S. Secret Service late Wednesday seemed to confirm she was escorted off, but denied the agency had anything to do with physically removing her.