BREAKING: Rubio Threatens to Vote Against the GOP Tax Bill in Stunning Twist

Senator Marco Rubio has threatened to vote against the GOP Tax Bill unless his demands are met on the child tax credit.

It is unclear at this point if Rubio actually is trying to play spoiler or if he’s simply grandstanding in an attention-seeking publicity stunt but either way, “Gang of 8” member Rubio is showing once again he can not be trusted.

From BusinessInsider

Sen. Marco Rubio on Thursday said he will vote against the final GOP tax bill unless leaders meet his demands on the child tax credit.

Rubio told Republican leadership that he will not vote for the bill — the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) — unless the child tax credit is more generous.

“Senator Rubio has consistently communicated to the Senate tax negotiators that his vote on final passage would depend on whether the refundability of the Child Tax Credit was increased in a meaningful way,” a Rubio spokesperson told Business Insider.

Rubio and Sen.mike Lee introduced an amendment during the first Senate vote on the TCJA that would have made the credit deductible up to the payroll tax level. The move would have made the credit more generous for many low-income families. The amendment was defeated.


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