BREAKING: Paper Ballots Are Being Destroyed in Alabama

Thanks to a SCOTUS ruling, Alabama isn’t required to preserve paper ballots (evidence) from elections.

This ruling makes it virtually impossible to hold a VALID and FAIR.

From The Hill

The Alabama Supreme Court has reportedly stayed a lower court’s order to election officials that would have required the preservation of voting records in Tuesday’s Senate special election.

A circuit judge on Monday ordered election officials to set voting machines to save all digital ballot images, which would preserve voting records in the event of a recount.

Alabama’s AL.com said Tuesday morning that the state’s Supreme Court had blocked the order.

A group of four Alabama voters filed a lawsuit last Thursday arguing that the state is required by law to preserve the images. The voters’ attorney, Priscilla Duncan, said that the circuit judge’s order would protect votes if there were an “election challenge.”

“People think that when they mark the ballots and they go into the machine that that’s what counted,” Duncan told AL.com. “But it’s not, the paper ballot is not what’s counted. That ballot is scanned and they destroy [the ballots] after the election.”

The judge’s order, which argued that voters would “suffer irreparable and immediate harm if digital ballot images are not preserved,” would have required the images to be saved for six months.

The Alabama Supreme Court’s decision to stay the order came just hours before polls opened in the special election to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s former Senate seat, pitting Democrat Doug Jones against GOP candidate Roy Moore.


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