BREAKING: Obama-era Blunder Being Investigated!

After the horrific mass murder on Sunday, in which a crazed liberal gunman murdered 26 innocent people at a small church in Texas, we learned that the entire tragedy could have been prevented.

The murderer, 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley, had spent a year in military prison for a vicious assault on his wife and infant stepson, which left the boy’s skull fractured, and should have been in a database designed to keep dangerous, violent people from getting guns.

Instead, the Air Force (under Barack Obama) dropped the ball, and didn’t upload Kelley’s information into the database, allowing him to purchase the weapon he used to end the lives of 26 people.

Now, the Air Force has launched an investigation to find out why Kelley’s criminal past was not handed over to the FBI for their violent criminal database.

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