BREAKING: Black Lives Matter Thugs Deface Thomas Jefferson Statue

The Alt-Left has been on a rampage lately, and it seems they’re determined to label every one of our Founding Fathers and historical American figures as “racist.”

Radical, violent groups of far-left militants, such as Black Lives Matter, are leading an all-out assault against American history and culture, and won’t rest until our entire history is rewritten to suit their “progressive” agenda.

Now, a group of Black Lives Matter thugs has disrespected a statue of Thomas Jefferson in Charlottesville, where Alt-Left and Alt-Right forces clashed recently.

The Black Lives Matter group placed a black shroud over the statue of Jefferson, while decrying him as a “racist” and a “rapist,” despite the fact that Thomas Jefferson actually worked to end slavery in America.

The left has become violent and militant in recent months, and rather than focusing on issues that matter, such as homelessness, they’ve instead chosen to pour their efforts into removing “offensive” statues.

Watch the video:


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