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BREAKING: Asia Loves Melania Trump!

As President Trump continues his visit to Asia, which has been a smash success, he and First Lady Melania are doing a great job of impressing the rest of the world.

The president’s 13-day trip will see him visit 5 different nations in Asia, and already he has had amazing visits with leaders from South Korea, Japan, and China.

On Friday, Trump plans to continue his trip and will head to Vietnam, while the First Lady will remain in China to visit the famous zoo and the Great Wall of China, before reuniting with the president in Alaska to greet the troops.

Melania has a huge following in China and Japan, having earned respect for her elegance, class, and strength, and her recent visit was the cause of much celebration.

The First Ladies of the United States and Japan enjoyed their time together, practicing calligraphy and shopping for pearls, and Melania went on to receive an unprecedented welcome in China.

Now, as President Trump continues to establish America as a world leader again, and mends the fences with our allies in Asia who were alienated by Barack Obama, First Lady Melania is proving herself to be just as committed to “Making America Great Again” as her husband!