Bongino SLAMS Family of NYC Suicide Bomber for Criticizing Police Response

On Monday, an ISIS-inspired Islamic terrorist, who was in the United States due to disastrous and failed immigration policies, including “chain migration” and the “diversity lottery” visa program, attempted to detonate a bomb in New York City.

Thankfully, the device failed, and the terrorist was apprehended and charged, but the family of the bomber, in a shocking display of audacity and a complete lack of shame, quickly criticized law enforcement for interrogating them.

Urged on by CAIR, the terrorist’s family had the nerve to say that law enforcement’s response, which was to quickly locate and interrogate them, in order to ensure both the safety of the general public, as well as their own, was too heavy handed.

The response and outrage toward CAIR and the family of the would-be-bomber was overwhelming, and social media users seemed to unite in disgust.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino has had enough, and during an appearance on Fox News, slammed the terrorist’s kin, asking, “Did you think they [the police] were going to show up with a plate of tea and crumpets!?”

After the bombing, the country is outraged, and the sheer nerve of the family of the man who, had his device worked properly, murdered and maimed as many innocent Americans as possible, has people seeing red.

Chain migration and the diversity visa lottery program must be ended immediately, and the families of Islamic terrorists, who come to the United States to murder people in the name of ISIS, should be deported as a deterrent to others.

Thankfully, with President Trump at the helm, and the Supreme Court leaning more to the right than it has in years, the safety of all Americans is in good hands.

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