Bongino Praises Trump While Slamming Obama for Lack of ‘Patriotism and Pride’

Under Barack Obama, the United States suffered a great deal, and it wasn’t just economic problems that plagued our country under his awful leadership, it was a lack patriotism and pride.

More specifically, it was Obama’s view of America, which he frequently portrayed as racist, intolerant, unfair, bigoted, and something to be ashamed of, that did the most damage to our great nation.

Whereas other president’s were proud of America and our accomplishments, Obama seemed to believe we should feel guilty and remorseful for our history, and often spoke of his disdain for our traditions and culture.

During an appearance with Fox News’ Judge Jeanine, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino described the massive difference between President Trump’s presidency and Obama’s, and he didn’t hold back.

“Patriotism, pride, ‘America First,’ Judge; these are the things for eight years that we, frankly, did not hear pronounced loudly from Barack Obama,” said Bongino, who hit the nail right on the head with his statement.

Truly, after eight disastrous years of Obama, who was ashamed of our country and our history, it is a relief to have a president who puts America first again, and is proud of what we stand for.

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