BOMBSHELL REPORT: Strzok Revealed as MASTERMIND in Both Hillary and Russia Probe

Well, well, well, another “bombshell” secret from the disgraced FBI and Mueller’s witch-hunt exposed.

Turns out, the anti-Trump FBI agent, who was yanked off the Russia probe, had a much, much larger role in the probe, as well as Hillary’s botched (so-called) email investigation than we were previously told.

Why did they hide this fact?

Well, for starters, Peter Strzok is the agent who outed the FBI’s “insurance policy” on President Trump in a series of text messages to his mistress and (former) colleague Lisa Page.

It only makes sense that the Deep State would want to hide his deeper involvement, to minimize the risk of exposing the entire plot to set up President Trump with this phony obstruction and collusion garbage.

Watch the video:


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