BOMBSHELL: Liberal Media Ordered Hosts to DESTROY Donna Brazile at all Costs!

Recently, former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile released some bombshell information in her new book, and revealed shocking behavior from the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

After exposing Clinton for stealing the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders, as well as a slew of other sordid details, Brazile appeared on television to discuss what she knew, and the reaction from several hosts was quite telling.

Many hosts, especially ones at CNN, which has deep ties to the Clinton family and the DNC, were visibly offended by Brazile’s accusations against Hillary’s campaign, and went out of their way to portray her as untrustworthy.

Breitbart reported that CNN hosts and employees were “directed” by “top management” to “undermine Brazile’s credibility,” and as the video below shows, that’s clearly what they attempted to do.

It’s not surprising, given the Clintons’ close relationship with CNN, to see the fake news network so rabidly defending them, as they’ve done for so many years.

However, with more Americans distrusting the mainstream media than ever before, CNN and other biased “news” organizations are having a harder time getting their agenda-driven message heard.

The Democratic Party itself has become the definition of corruption, and is an embarrassment to everything America stands for.

Watch the video:


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