BOMBSHELL: Despicable ‘Fire & Fury’ Author Lied to WH to Gain Access to Trump

In a fiery “Fire & Fury” interview, a CNN host (of all people) called out discredited liberal author Michael Wolff for how he lied and attempted to manipulate the White House regarding his debunked anti-Trump book.

On Saturday, CNN anchor Michael Smerconish blasted Wolff for “misrepresenting” himself at the outset of his project in order to gain access to the White House, citing emails in which Wolff allegedly promised to “humanize Donald Trump.”

Wolff, fought back and claimed CNN was helping the White House discredit his book.

“You’re doing the work of the White House to discredit this book. The White House wants to discredit this book,” Wolff said in the bombastic interview.

Watch the video:


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