Boeing Announces a $300 Million Workforce Investment Thanks to Tax Bill!

We literally can’t stop winning!

The GOP tax bill hasn’t even been signed into law yet, but companies are already passing along the benefits of the bill to their employees.

So far AT&T, Fifth Third Bancorp, Wells Fargo, Comcast and now Boeing have all promised to put billions of dollars back into their company!

From Fox Business 


The aerospace and defense company immediately announced $300 million in investments after the bill passed, with $100 million toward corporate giving including employee gift-match programs, $100 million toward workforce development, training and education and $100 million toward enhancing Boeing’s workplaces.

“On behalf of all of our stakeholders, we applaud and thank Congress and the administration for their leadership in seizing this opportunity to unleash economic energy in the United States,” Boeing (BA) President and CEO Dennis Muilenburg said in a statement. “It’s the single-most important thing we can do to drive innovation, support quality jobs and accelerate capital investment in our country.”

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