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Body Language Expert Spots Something ODD During Jesus Campos’ Ellen Interview

Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos sat down with Ellen on Wednesday to discuss the tragic shooting in Las Vegas on October 1st.

There’s already a fair amount of speculation surrounding the shooting and a body language expert pointed out that Jesus displayed “signs of deception” during his Ellen interview.

From Infowars

In a quick video uploaded to the Bombard’s Body Language Youtube channel, various eye movements, body expressions, facial tics and vocal discrepancies made by Campos, building engineer Stephen Schuck and Ellen provide “tells” signifying deception.

Here’s a transcript of Bombard’s video analysis. A portion of the Ellen interview, which should be referenced, appears below:

Ellen says, “certain amount of time supposed to check out on it, right?” She’s talking about the door the security guard checked on and the maintenance man. Jesus responds, “Yes we got, uh, notifications,” and he gives us a quick raised eyebrow. No knowledge confirm between the two – between him and Ellen.

“Making sure that, uh, to secure them,” and he searches for the word. “Or if already secure making…” and it’s a general phrase that puts it in the mind statement of a policy of alarms and doors – “that uh, check on the doors…” – search again. A lot of searching with the mind, trying to remember the story that he’s putting out.

While re-telling the story he relies heavily on emotion for memory. It’s a memory trick; associating things to memory by emotion helps with recall. So if you’ve got a story in your mind and you associate it with something in your mind that is emotional it helps you to remember it better. Because he has no memory on any visuals of that event. That’s not normal.

And he also is struggling with it, and you can see that when he does his slow eye-closing. So he’s struggling to remember it.

Another part of the video, Stephen [Schuck] puts his hand on Jesus’s back in comfort. It is an unnatural movement; it is not comforting and a friendly comfort. It is awkward and it’s not on any cues that Jesus gives for Stephen to do that.

And you can tell by their talk and the same words that they use, the witnesses have corroborated with each other and have come up with a story together.

Also Ellen’s touch on Jesus is on cue, and Jesus is giving no indication that he needs comforting when she does it.

The video’s author concludes that both Ellen and Campos “show signs of deception throughout the show.”