Bitter Shep Smith is Back to Attacking President Trump….AGAIN

Fox News’ Shepard Smith is once again doing what he does best, injecting his own biased personal feelings and ideology into a story.

It’s no secret the zany liberal personality hates President Trump as he’s had several on-air meltdowns.

This time Shep is claiming President Trump’s claims that the media is pushing “fake news” over Trump-Russia probe is a lie….Which is ironic, since ABC News dropped one of the biggest fake news bombs to day, with their incorrect reporting on general Flynn’s deal.

From Yahoo.com

Robert Mueller’s investigation into his presidential campaign, but Fox News’ Shepard Smith has cast doubt on that claim.

In a Friday afternoon segment with the Wall Street Journal’s John Bussey, the “Shepard Smith Reporting” host said Michael Flynn’s guilty plea is evidence that it’s “a lie” to suggest the FBI probe is based on made-up information.

Flynn, the president’s former national security adviser, said in a federal court on Friday that he lied to investigators about his contact with Russian government officials. He was charged with just one count, for making a false statement, leading some observers to believe he is cooperating with Mueller’s investigation and has provided other information that could prove damaging to current administration officials.

“What we don’t understand yet is the degree to which the president was involved, if at all,” Smith said before asking his guest, “Is Flynn the answer to that, as their new star witness, at least for the day?”

“We don’t know yet which way this is headed,” Bussey responded.

“That this is a ruse, that this is fake news, is a lie,” Smith said.

“I think that Michael Flynn pleading guilty to this charge today explicitly gives an answer to that question,” Bussey said. “It’s not fake news.”

Since lawmakers began calling for an independent investigation, Trump has dismissed reports of possible collusion between his team and the Russian government as a “witch hunt” and “fake news.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper went a step further than Smith on Friday, suggesting the president has used the term to “attack accurate stories.”


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