Bitter Jim Acosta Attempts to SABOTAGE North Korean Peace Talks!

Have you noticed that suddenly the fake news media and “loving liberals”  are against demilitarization and world peace.

That’s how it appears, with a laundry list of so-called “reporters,” Democrat politicians, and celebrities attacking President Trump as he works to stabilize the world and end a nuclear threat.

That’s exactly what happened when CNN’s Jim Acosta attempted to sabotage the North Korean peace talks by screaming and yelling at North Korean leader Kim Jung-un.

He should have his press pass pulled.

From Info Wars

CNN’s Jim Acosta shouted out idiotic questions throughout President Trump’s historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore on Tuesday.

At the very beginning of the summit, after Trump and Kim first met and shook hands, Acosta was heard shouting at Trump as the two walked away to their meeting, saying: “What do you hope to accomplish, sir?”


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