Billionaire Hillary Donor Deserts Her, Can’t Stop PRAISING Trump’s Davos Speech

More bad news for the desperate Democrats.

Now, one of Hillary’s biggest (and richest) supporters is praising President Trump and his phenomenal economic speech he delivered in Davos, Switzerland.

From IJR

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President Donald Trump’s speech in Davos, Switzerland, received applause from an unlikely individual — Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff.

Trump’s speech mainly focused on the strength of the economy. “After years stagnation the nights is once again experiencing strong economic growth,” the president said, via Politico.

“The stock market is smashing one record after another and has added more than $7 trillion in new wealth since my election. Consumer confidence, business confidence, and manufacturing confidence are the highest that they have been in many decades,” he continued.

As he went on, Trump talked about how he has gone after unneeded regulations.

He said:

“I pledged to eliminate two unnecessary regulations for everyone new regulation. We have succeeded beyond our highest expectations. Instead of two for one, we have cut 22 burdensome regulations for everyone new rule. We are freeing our businesses and workers so they can thrive and flourish as never before.”

Benioff, who supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, weighed in on Trump’s speech.

He tweeted:

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