Authorities Have This One Unified Message in Wake of Broward Shooting

In the wake of the tragic shooting which occurred in Broward County, Florida, on Wednesday, authorities are speaking out immediately with one very clear message: do not hesitate to contact law enforcement about any threats or red flags.

As more information surfaces about the shooter, 19-year-old Nicolas Cruz, a disturbing picture is coming to light, portraying a dark, angry individual with a penchant for violence.

Several photos and comments, allegedly posted by Cruz on social media, have indicated the young man had a long history of trouble, and many are wondering why law enforcement hadn’t been aware of him previously, due to his extreme behavior.

Broward Country Sheriff, Scott Israel, and Attorney General Pam Bondi both quickly told citizens that it is their duty to do something about it, with Bondi urging Americans to “Take every threat seriously, and report it to law enforcement.”

As some have pointed out, Americans aren’t quick to “report” on people, and the reality is, most high school students aren’t going to want to be labeled a “snitch” or a “rat,” making it difficult to report serious problems.

While the left predictably used the shooting to call for more gun control measures, Florida Senator Marco Rubio stressed the importance of learning all the details of the shooting and the events leading to it, before “jumping to conclusions” and attempting to pass laws to prevent future incidents.

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