Anti-Gun Activist David Hogg Refuses to Debate Pro-Gun Parkland Student

Is anti-gun “student activist” David Hogg scared?

He’s refusing to agree to a debate with pro-gun Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv, who challenged the teen, promising any proceeds would benefit charity.

Why won’t Hogg, who is the new CNN “golden boy” agree?

From Daily Wire

On Saturday, Kyle Kashuv, a conservative student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, challenged David Hogg, a far-left student from the school, to a debate over the subject of gun control.

Kashuv tweeted: “Hey @davidhogg111 you seem really fired up about gun control. Lets debate, one Parkland student to another. I’m in DC right now.”

Kashuv even sent Hogg a direct message to make sure that he saw his challenge, but has not yet received a response. Dave Rubin, host of “The Rubin Report,” had signaled on Friday evening that he would be willing to host a civil gun control debate between Kashuv and Hogg.

Rubin wrote: “Happy to do that. I’ll donate all proceeds and see how else I can raise funds. Kyle Kashuv has agreed, hope you will too, David Hogg.”


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