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Another Baldwin Tries to Attack President Trump

Recently, disgraced Democrat Senator, Al Franken, has come under serious scrutiny, after multiple accusers have come forward, alleging he sexually harassed them.

In response to two more accusers, Donald Trump Junior tweeted to bring attention to the matter, which was a surefire way to enrage every liberal on Twitter.

Sure enough, a Baldwin brother took the bait, and couldn’t resist trying to get some much-desired attention by replying to Don Junior’s tweet with a ridiculous claim of his own.

Apparently, having one bloated, substance-abusing loudmouth (with a history of violent outbursts) in the family wasn’t good enough for the Baldwins, and now, Billy Baldwin is trying to upstage his big brother, Alec.

As the eldest Baldwin, Alec has represented his family with several embarrassing arrests, drug and alcohol abuse, and unhinged meltdowns, and has recently “revived” his stagnant career by portraying President Trump on Saturday Night Live.

However, Alec has come competition from his younger brother Billy, who has now taken to Twitter to attack president Trump.

Although most Americans have no idea who Billy Baldwin is, that didn’t stop him from accusing President Trump of “hitting on” his wife at a party 20 years ago, a ridiculous claim that the D-List “celebrity” couldn’t back up.

Trump supporters weren’t buying it, and didn’t hesitate to let Billy know.

In the end, Americans are sick and tired of hearing entitled, privileged, elitist Hollywood celebrities lecture us on politics, and are quickly tuning out their message completely.