Analysis Proves Obama’s Asia Trip Was a Huge Failure Comapred to Trump

When Obama traveled to Asia he was treated with disrespect because other world leaders viewed him as weak.

A new analysis of both trips proves President Trump’s trip was a huge success, and Obama’s was a massive failure.

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Back in May, President Trump embarked on the first foreign trip of his administration. He traveled through the Middle East and Europe, talking with leaders in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Rome and the Vatican. Notably, for his stops in Brussels and Italy, the President spoke at the NATO and G7 summits, respectively, with other leaders on a world stage.

Last Saturday, President Trump embarked on his first trip to Asia.

His stops included visiting with leaders in Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Obama – who many conservatives wish would just go away but sticks around like a sore blister – also went to Asia during his time as President. However, Asian world leaders didn’t command the respect for Obama as they did with Trump and, taking a look back, it’s clear to see…

Chinese snub Obama at airport, don’t provide run-way stairs…

After arriving for the G20 summit in Hangzhou, Obama was forced to disembark Air Force One via the “ass of the plane” after Chinese officials provided no staircase to the front entrance of AF1. Plainly, to not provide steps for the front entrance and force then President Obama to use the underbelly exit of the plane was a marked message of disrespect.

No matter how badly Obama tried to downplay it, the sentiment was clear – he wasn’t respected as a leader by China, one of our biggest trade partners. How would Obama ever strike profitable deals and trades if Chinese officials didn’t recognize his leadership? (Spoiler alert: he never did)

Compare that to Trump’s first visit to China. President Trump became the first foreign leader to dine in the Forbidden City – the historic palace that housed Chinese emperors and their families for almost 500 years. He also struck 37 major deals signed between U.S. and Chinese companies with the total value of the deals exceeding $250 billion.

It is remarkable the allies and relationships you can forge when you act as a true leader and not a push-over asking to be taken advantage of.

Putin, Obama unable to reach Syria cease-fire deal…


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