Alabama GOP Calls on Roy Moore Accuser to Take a Polygraph

When people come forward and make accusations that are 40-years-old and could ruin someone’s life and career, it seems fair to ask that they take a polygraph test.

That’s exactly what the Alabama GOP is asking the accuser of Roy Moore do.

From Washinton Examiner

reports: President Trump’s Alabama state campaign co-chairmen called the allegations that Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore pursued sexual relationships with teenagers while in his 30s “bull,” and one suggested the accusers take polygraph tests.

“I think it’s just a bunch of bull,” Perry Hooper Jr., Trump’s Alabama state chairman, told Talking Points Memo. “Mitch McConnell should know better to make a statement like he made unless he gets all the answers. We’re right in the political zone right now, the election’s Dec. 12th. This is the same campaign issue the left ran against Donald Trump on, they’re doing the same thing against Roy Moore.”


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