After Jim Carrey Goes All in on Socialism, Venezuela Hits Back With a HARSH Reality Check

Don’t you love it when uber rich, pampered and out-of-touch celebrities tell us peasants how to live?

That’s precisely what foolish socialist and unhinged actor Jim Carrey is doing, by pushing his failed socialist agenda.

Now, a journalist from Venezuela, is hitting back against the hypocritical filthy-rich actor, with a dose of truth on what hos precious socialism really is, as his country, and people are dying, thanks to this progressive mindset.

Daily Caller

A Venezuelan journalist took issue with American actor Jim Carrey’s contention that Democrats should embrace socialism, citing his own experiences in his home country.

After Carrey’s appearance last week on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” during which the actor insisted that Democrats should “say yes to socialism, to the word and everything,” Venezuelan columnist Laureano Márquez wrote a scathing column on Wednesday for the Venezuelan media outlet Runrunes, criticizing Carrey’s worldview.

“Dear Jim, I admire you a lot, but sometimes it seems that the inability of Hollywood stars to understand politics is directly proportional to their talent,” wrote Marquez, as translated by Fox News. “I read that … you said: ‘We have to say yes to socialism, to the word [‘socialism’] and to everything.’ Perhaps for you, as for all humanity, the word ‘socialism’ sounds beautiful.”

Many, Marquez explained, view socialism as “the antithesis of selfishness, synonym of concern for others … support for the weakest and their needs, of seeking health and education for all,” the economic system actually has “deep threats.”

“[In] Venezuela, what we find is just that our regime is not – for God’s sake – the antithesis of selfishness,” he continued. “In Venezuela, dear Jim, from what I have just told you, there is no equitable distribution of wealth; wealth is concentrated, as rarely before in our history, in very few hands.”

“At God’s mercy” under socialism with little access to the most basic human needs, Venezuelans seek to escape “however way they can.”

“[This is] a tragedy that is compounded by the denial of a regime that claims that the population has never been better.”


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