African American GOP Senator DESTROYS Bitter HuffPo Writer on Tax Reform

As Republicans celebrated the Senate victory of President Trump’s tax reform bill, Democrats, naturally, were fuming with impotent rage.

Andy Ostroy, who claimed to be a “journalist” for left-wing rag Huffington Post, was feeling especially triggered by the Republican victory, and, as liberals often do, began race-baiting.

In typical Democrat fashion, Ostroy let his true racism show, and made a disgusting comment about Senator Tim Scott, who is African American, and who played an instrumental role in drafting the bill.

“What a shocker,” said Ostroy, “There’s only ONE black person there, and sure enough, they have him standing next to the mic like a manipulated prop.”

Clearly, like most Democrats, Andy Ostroy is inherently racist, as he was focused solely on race, and was literally “counting black people” at the event.

Senator Scott’s response was priceless, and excoriated the hateful liberal “journalist” in just one tweet, describing his involvement with the bill for over a year, and saying, “If you’d rather just see my skin color, please feel free.”


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