Why is the ESPN Host Who Called Trump a ‘White Supremacist’ Still Employed?

It’s high time that the public personalities who are spreading lies, hate, and discord be held accountable.

It’s not fair that these people, who have a loud voice, are using it to spew fake news, simply because their feelings are hurt over the loss of an election.

Case in point, ESPN’s host Jemele Hill recently took to Twitter to call President Trump a “white supremacist.”

Why is this OK, and why is she still employed?

ESPN’s ratings are in the tank due to their playing politics, and they’ve had to fire slews of people as their profits have dwindled, yet they allow this garbage to go on?

From Breitbart

ESPN’s Jemele Hill tweeted something on Monday night that most certainly would result in her firing, if she was a conservative. Since she’s basically the opposite of that, we’ll have to wait and see how ESPN handles it.

Hill, who co-hosts ESPN’s 6PM SportsCenter broadcast, took to Twitter Monday evening and called President Trump a white supremacist:

Needless to say, Hill makes quite a serious charge here. This is also something that Mike Ditka, Curt Schilling, Craig James, or any other conservative who has worked for ESPN in recent years, would have been fired instantly for saying, Had they said something similar about former President Obama. Also, Hill, who proudly boasts a picture of herself with the Obama’s on her Twitter page, levies the charge against Trump without any evidence whatsoever.

To say what she said is appalling, to say what she said absent any evidence is beyond irresponsible. Nor is there any ambiguity in what she said, Hill wrote that Trump is a white supremacist in black-and-white, with no proof, or contextual escape hatch. How this incident gets handled will be an acid test for whatever remains of ESPN’s credibility as a journalistic enterprise. Nor is this Hill’s first brush with speaking the insane, she also once referred to the police are like, “slave patrols.”

If Hill is allowed to continue her employment after this incident, it won’t just be time to cut the cord on ESPN, it’ll be time to pull the plug.


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